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Director of EU Studies at GFSIS

Kakha Gogolashvili, Director of EU Studies at GFSIS, conducts research and policy studies in EU-Georgia Relations, conflict resolution and peace-building, the EU’s role in the conflict resolution in the Caucasus, EU policy towards the Caucasus, public administration reform in Georgia, the effectiveness of international aid to Georgia and EU assistance, etc. He has got academic degrees in economics, journalism and international relations. His professional background includes: more than 20 years working in academic and scientific institutions as researcher and lecturer in the field of European Integration, International relations, Economics, Conflicts Resolution; 11 years in the foreign service, on high diplomatic positions – Deputy Head of Mission to the EU, Director of Department for Relations with the EU, other. Holds a highest diplomatic rank. During last 12 years he was actively advising Georgian Government on European Integration related policies through number of international projects.


He is author of a considerable number of scientific and analytical articles and policy papers on EU-Georgia relations, editor of number of books dedicated to the European Integration. Has been twice elected to the Steering Committee of the EaP Civil society Forum. He will coordinate research conducted under Cascade Work Package 5 (WP5), supervise fieldwork and be responsible for output dissemination. Under WP5, he will also contribute to the Policy brief “Media freedom, ownership and functioning” (together with Tamar Chugoshvili). He will conduct research on EU-Caucasus countries relations (Work Package 8) and perceptions of the EU in the Caucasus (Work Package 9). He will participate in writing the policy brief: “The Caucasus and the EU’s Eastern Partnership’ (WP8) and the comparative working paper on “Images of the EU in the Caucasus” (WP9).

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2015-10-15 17:35
 State of the fight against corruption in the South Caucasus

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You can contact   Kakha Gogolashvili  by writing to:  gogolashvili[at]gfsis.org