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What is RSS?

RSS feeds are a way of being notified automatically about the latest news and updates from a particular website, through a programme which reads and aggregates these “feeds”. FRIDE offers this service so its users can keep up to date on all of our publications and activities.

The RSS file is updated automatically when a new piece of content appears on the website, and this update is passed to feed readers and aggregaters, which regularly and automatically check for these updates. Through these readers, you can be informed when a website is updated without having to check it.

A variety of Feed Readers exist to cater for all types of reader. They fall into three categories:

Online Readers. These do not require installation, just the creation of an account in the appropriate website. Some examples include Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes and News Gator.

Desktop Readers. These are installed on the user’s computer, for example, for example, FeedReader,RSSOwl and RSSReader.

Plug in readers. Some web browsers or mail clients such as Firefox and Opera include feed readers.

Note: To subscribe to a feed, normally the user needs to copy the address of the RSS feed and insert it into their feed reader.